Immigration News

“The debate involving comprehensive immigration reform has currently been monopolizing the news channels. The US Senate is proposing legislation for a plan called “Registered Provisional Immigrant Status.” If this bill was to pass, it would offer many of the undocumented immigrants living in the US to apply for legal status. These immigrants would have to complete an intensive process, which when successfully completed, would result in both legal residency and eventually citizenship.

Applying for “Registered Provisional Immigrant Status” (RPI) is available to those undocumented immigrants who have been residing here since December 31, 2011. RPI status will provide legal status, authorization to work and the ability for legal travel outside the US along with legal return to the US.

In the state of California, an RPI status would allow the obtaining of a CA driver’s license. The application process would include a criminal background check, the payment of any back taxes owned along with any accumulated fines for nonpayment of those taxes. A fee which will be charged for licensing has yet to be determined at this time. The spouse and the unmarried children (21 and younger) of the applicant will receive these same benefits, as long as they have been in the US before December 31, 2012 and meet the said requirements.”