Landlord-Tenant Law

Our Attorneys can assist in:
• Evicting problem tenants and tenants who don’t pay rent on time
• Drafting and negotiating residential/commercial leases
Whether you own a multi-unit commercial retail location, a large property management firm, a mult-unit residential complex, or even a single-dwelling residential home, renting your valuable property to a tenant can be a touchy subject when problems arise, such as the tenant’s failure to pay rent. Even large-scale, institutional renters may only occasionally have to deal with evicting a tenant. Smaller companies and individual landlords may not know where to begin or what to expect throughout the course of the eviction process. The eviction attorneys at Yarra, Kharazi & Clason can help you get rid of your problem tenant fast!

In California a landlord may be able to evict a tenant if:

1 Tenant FAILS TO PAY RENT or FAILS TO PAY RENT ON TIME. (This is the most common reason landlords evict tenants and the process can be begun on as little as THREE (3) Days Notice to the tenant)
2. Tenant violates a provision of the lease/rental agreement. (Examples include: smoking inside the dwelling when the lease forbids smoking inside or keeping pets where the lease forbids having pets)
3. Where the tenant becomes a serious nuisance by disturbing other tenants and neighbors and where the tenant has been given notice to stop the nuisance activity.
4. Where the tenant conducts illegal activity on the property.
5. Where the Tenant “holds over” meaning the tenant has refused to vacate the premises after the landlord serves a 30/60/90 day notice to quit.
6. Where the Tenant commits “waste” by damaging the property and dropping the value of the property.

Landlords in California must follow a series of steps in order to LEGALLY evict a tenant. Protect your valuable investment; save the hassle of trying to learn the unlawful detainer process as you go, save money, save time! Call Yarra, Kharazi & Clason to have an eviction attorney get working on getting your problem tenant out today.

Landlord/Tenant Attorneys

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